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23 August 2019 09:20 MoneyBitcoin

Hello friend, as this is the first article of the site, nothing more fair than talking about what you will find on this site and at the "world of crypto-coins" and also on how to get bitcoin (virtual currency that I will give more focus during the article ).

Good... Starting with the definition, what are crypto-coins?

They are decentralized virtual currencies with encryption to be controlled in a network, basically this encryption serves for the security in the transactions, always in between the transactions exist machines (computers) that are connected doing calculations and intermediating the transactions to guarantee the authenticity and to avoid that a person spends the same coin more than once.

Decentralized = No government finger. :)

There are several ways to get bitcoin, some are good because there is no risk, while in others you can earn a lot, but you risk losing your investment.

Faucets Site

This is where I started and this is where I recommend starting if you do not have the money to invest ...

Faucets websites are websites that give you a certain amount of some of the virtual coins in return for you to do something.

Usually you find sites with a pattern that contains ads and captchas that tell you if you're not a bot. You resolve the captcha and while you resolve it, the ad site counts as 1 view in the ad and the site owner earns money from the advertiser and you earn an amount in bitcoin or another virtual currency straight from the site.

There are also sites that pay you just to test some captcha and sites that pay you for just watching a video or an advertisement.

I use the Faucets websites that have listed here on the site, because in my opinion they are the best! Feel free to click on the "Faucet list" above in the header of the site.

Hardware Mining

This is an expensive, risky way, but it can do a lot of profit!

This way you can use the processing power you can come from your computer or a mining machine made specifically for mining as the name says.

This form is considered expensive because it uses a lot of energy when using the certain type of Hardware and of risk because it requires the use of so much processing that sometimes burns the processor or video card of its computer or of some defect in the machine of mining, thus doing You spend more to fix than to win;

Cloud Mining

This way of getting cryptocurrency can give you a lot of profit but also a lot of loss if the site you invested stops working!

Cloud mining consists of you buying "mining power" from a site, that site uses authentic mining machines and sells to you only a portion of the mining power of the machine. Basically they "link" the machine's profit to their profile on the site, their mining plan is revised and paid accordingly.

By the internet you can find sites that sell the power of mining in, THs, GHs, Khs or in lower power. You will also find sites that mine more than one type of coin.

There are people who repudiate cloud mining anyway, but I've used it and as I said it is risky because the site may fall! But I only invested in what I earned on Faucets sites and the cloud sites themselves. I do not recommend using real money to buy mining power!


By far this is the best way to make a profit. It is doing trading that you can consider yourself an internet marketer!

Trade - trading buying and selling or simply or if you prefer, trade. In a basic way is the act of buying cheap and selling expensive.

The principle is basic ... It consists of you "buying low and selling high", but the correct thing is to say that for trading you need to analyze the market, buy if it is a good time, re-analyze the market for Cryptocurrencies and sell it if it's a good time.

Well, to make trade it is necessary to have some amount in one of the criptomoedas or real money (I recommend bitcoin). First of all you decide the standard of your purchases and sales in case if they will be from a single virtual currency type to real money or from virtual to virtual currency money.

In some ways the other currencies are influenced by bitcoin, if the btc is too expensive they lose a little value that.

Take a good look at all the Cryptocurrencies, see which ones are moving the market well, do a good analysis, because the real trader is that analyze. There are specific websites for trading, poloniex is an example, but it does not exist only he seeks to inform himself more before sinking in the trade.

Because it is not so easy to put into an article I seriously recommend you go to YouTube to watch a video about it before you start buying and selling!

Because it is not so easy to put into an article I seriously recommend you go to YouTube to watch a video about it before you start buying and selling!

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